Caregivers Deserve Better

Why Join Clovvr?


Our Caregivers are what make Clovvr special and unique. At Clovvr you will have the opportunity to rise in the ranks, earn higher pay, and get reimbursed to receive additional training. 


We pay above industry standards for all our clinicians. Clovvr believes that the best caregivers deserve the best compensation. 


Some of the many benefits that we offer to our caregivers include: health insurance, and paid maternity leave, among many others, tuition reimbursement.  

Qualities of Clovvr

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Being a part of the Clovvr team is much more than a job, it is being a part of a mission. We CARE about the well-being of our caregivers while providing the best compensation in the industry. Being a part of the Clovvr team means that you will have access to our great benefits, support, and career advancement. 

Our caregivers are the most important people in the company. We at Clovvr strongly believe in work life balance and strive to meet the needs of our team members. We will always be there to support our caregivers. 

Here at Clovvr we strive to hire the best and the brightest caregivers. Being a part of the Clovvr team means that you will have a meaningful impact on the lives on our patients.

At Clovvr we utilize a game-changing mobile technology that will enable our caregivers to focus on patient care rather than tracking paperwork.

Getting started is easy. Just fill this form out and we will contact you shortly.

We are looking for the best and the brightest caregivers in the industry, caregivers who are interested in bettering themselves and the patients they serve. 



Our caregivers are team players who work well with all stakeholders in the care process to provide the best patient-centered care. 



We only work with caregivers who have the utmost integrity and commitment towards our patients well-being. 

Caregiver Testimonials

“Before working at Clovvr I did not enjoy my job working in home health. Now I brag about it with Clovvr.”


Kumara H. 


“At every other home health agency I was treated poorly and it did not feel like a team. Here at Clovvr I have the best support whenever I need it.”


Ann T. 


“Clovvr has changed my life by providing great benefits and pay. Working at Clovvr is something that I can be proud of.”

Mary S.